Collecting Priscilla Whitaker shoes is a delight. But if you have a less than a year old used pair and want to part ways, this is your chance!

Trade your Nearly-new PW and earn a credit of up to $40 to use on your next purchase!*

How does it work

Send videos and images of your Nearly-new pair of Priscilla Whitaker shoes

With your pair of shoes in your hands, record some videos and take pictures from all the angles. After finished, send them to us, so we can analyze the condition of your shoes. The pair needs to have less than a year old of usage to be considered. Check our regulation

If we pre-approve your pair of shoes, we will replace their insoles and put them on sale again.

After we replace the insoles, your renewed pair of shoes will be placed on sale in our store for up to 60 days. Check our regulation

If someone buys your shoes, you'll be eligible to earn a coupon for up to $40

If someone buys your renewed pair of shoes, you can earn credit from $20, $30, or $40 (depending on your shoe state) to use on your next purchase in up to 30 days. But if no one buys it, you can get it back from us after 30 days. After that, if you don't withdraw your pair of shoes, we will send them to goodwill. Check our regulation

Give a second chance to your Nearly-new PW!

Take this opportunity to renew your wardrobe and earn a chance to win a discount for your next purchase! And be on the lookout! There is a great possibility that you can find some unique and exclusive renewed shoes that are not sold anymore in our store, and this could be your chance to complete your collection!

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